Berlin, February 2022. It was about time. Energy Labs took the next step and we officially moved into our own office. We now have a new address and new office with plants, a kitchen and a nice seating area for team lunches. Also, the team will be growing. We are looking for new team members and talent. Specifically, we are looking for sales heroes and heroines, as well as technicians and installers. With our new office, we now have room for all these wonderful new people as well.

Hybrid model – office and WFH

We are strong believers in the hybrid model. The existing team works both from home and from the office. And we wouldn’t want to change that. We cherish days at the office where the motivation is notably higher, the coffee is on hand and the communication with team members is quick and can take place across the tables. But sometimes there is work on the table that asks for concentration and no disturbance. On days like that, sometimes the home office is just the better choice.

Kitchen dreams

What got us excited when we first visited the place was the wonderful big kitchen. Here everyone can bring or prepare their food, be it vegan or gluten-free, healthy or not. The kitchen is where we come and sit together. It is located right next to our own workshop space. Sometimes people have a late breakfast or a snack and we chat about work and non-work-related things that are on our minds. Most often, we have lunch together and make time to connect.

Workshop space at EnergyLabs new office


Green haven

We also have lots of plants. After the first week in the office, we realized that the air was rather dry. We were missing plants. So, over the course of some weeks, we decided to buy some pots and plants. Not just any plants, but those that help clean the air and make us feel good in the office.

Looking for talents

Energy efficiency goes beyond heating and insulation. Through voltage optimization, we significantly reduce energy consumption in buildings. Currently, we are looking for more people to join the team and help us fulfil our mission of turning every building into an active protector of the environment.

“I remember the feeling when I first started working for EnergyLabs. The team was super small. But the motivation was high.
Moreover, what turned out to be the best motivator, was working for a good cause. Doing something that was actually valuable by fighting global warming and climate change gave me lots of energy and happiness.”

We can happily confirm: Hannah still feels that way. Would you also like to work in a Greentech startup and actively contribute to more climate protection? Do you know someone looking for a new purpose? If so, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Send us an email ( and let us know about your expertise and experience. We have open positions on the website.

In particular, we are looking for a sales and key account manager in Germany as well as technicians and installers. We need embedded software developers but are also happy to provide work experience to interns and working students. We are also looking forward to receiving any speculative applications.

Photos: EnergyLabs