A seal that you can trust. Businesses displaying the ActiveClean-Seal on their website and premises are taking utmost care of their customers, guests, visitors, and staff by providing the highest level of surface hygiene available through our service ActiveClean and TiTANO® surface coating.

The ActiveClean-Seal represents the highest standards of surface hygiene.

Our service ActiveClean is synonymous with the highest standard of surface hygiene. Our technology is applied using electrostatic sprayers on all types of surfaces including glass, plastics, ceramics, wood, and metals. ActiveClean-service is the ideal solution for hygiene sensitive surfaces in the medical and food/beverage sector, but also in public buildings and public transport. The TiTANO® surface coating based on titanium dioxide lasts up to one year.

We provide businesses with the ActiveClean-Seal after coating and regularly inspect critical surfaces so that you can always trust the ActiveClean-Seal.

Our Process

  1. Analysis and record of estimated surface coating coverage requirements.
  2. Coating by our professionally trained staff.
  3. Final inspection and ActiveClean-seal issue.

Next time you visit your local business, ask for the ActiveClean-Seal!