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Our service ActiveClean is synonymous with the highest standard of surface hygiene, revolutionizing the field of hygiene. The technology is applied using electrostatic sprayers on all types of surfaces including: glass, plastics, ceramics, textiles, wood, and metals. ActiveClean-service is the ideal solution for hygiene sensitive surfaces in medical and food/beverage sectors, but also in public buildings and public transport, hotels, etc. The antimicrobial TiTANO®-coating lasts up to one year and is a less expensive alternative to constant disinfection.

For All Types of Surfaces

such as glass, metal, stone, wood, plastics, etc.

99,99% Germ Reduction

Significant fast-acting effects proven in lab and real-life tests

Increasing Surface Safety

Germ-free surfaces for up to one year

How does our service ActiveClean work?

TiTANO® used for our ActiveClean-service is a water-based, clear, odourless, liquid suspension based on titanium dioxide. Once the germs come into contact with a surface coated by our service ActiveClean, they will stay there due to the hydrophilic nature. The titanium dioxide affects the outer membrane of the germs, stopping cell replication and killing them. The inherit anti-microbial properties make any existing surface safer to touch and use. The hydrophilic surface coating also attracts volatile organic compounds, acetone, and formaldehyde, thus improving the air quality inside rooms.

Longterm Solution

Studies have shown that within several hours after cleaning and disinfecting a surface the bacterial load is back up to a high and possibly harmful level.

As shown in the graph, a surface treated with our service ActiveClean does not allow micro-organisms to go up to a critical level. The self-cleaning TiTANO® coating lasts up to one year of heavy use. This makes our ActiveClean-service extremely useful in preventing smear infections etc.

Application Domains

Hospitals and Medical Practices


Public Transport

Food/Beverage Sector

Let’s resume back to normal

  • by reducing the risk of infections.
  • by safeguarding employee health.
  • by increasing trust in employees.
  • by doing whatever it takes to protect all stakeholders.
  • by reducing costs, up to 10x compared to daily disinfection.

Gain Trust of Customers, Clients and Visitors

The “ActiveClean - Protection for Critical Surfaces”-Seal helps you build trust with your customers, employees and visitors.

  • The seal demonstrates that critical surfaces are protected.
  • Seal stickers are provided for use on the entrance / main doors.
  • The QR code links to the ActiveClean-Service-Website for more information.
  • The seal integrates with your website.

Further Info on ActiveClean-Seal

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