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EnergyLabs turns buildings into active protectors of the environment.

Collect. Identify. Improve.



ActiveEnergy provides high energy savings on demand by safely regulating and lowering the voltage level. By combining innovative hardware and software, we provide valuable insights and achieve significant savings.

Being Active has never been easier.

Steps to Success

Building decarbonization:
Reduce your building’s carbon footprint.


We pre-qualify your building. To do so, we include factors like the building’s type, the annual energy consumption, and location.
You can start sharing all needed information with us by filling out our online form.


Once your building is pre-qualified, we go into further detail. We install our AE MobileHub in your building. With the temporary measuring kit, we track the energy consumption, voltage levels, and other parameters for around three weeks.


The collected data is analysed by our AI to predict your energy-saving potentials. It unlocks previously unused saving opportunities. These insights, energy and CO2 saving potentials, we compile in a report for you. 


Our installation team comes in and installs the AE PowerStation in your building. It immediately starts optimizing voltage levels and energy consumption.


Your building saves energy and reduces your carbon footprint from day one. For transparency and reporting, you get access to the AE Cloud, where you can track your savings in real-time, find reports, documentation and further insights.

Collect data.

AE Hub

Our AE Hub performs the holistic data collection necessary for our solution. It gathers all relevant energy consumption data of a building: the energy consumption in kilowatt-hours, voltage fluctuations by the providers, the local environment of the building’s location. We work with a data resolution more than 1000 times higher than traditional energy companies, identifying every saving opportunity.

Identify savings.

AE Cloud

Our AE Cloud analyses the data collected by the AE Hub and identifies saving opportunities. Using artificial intelligence, the AE Cloud is the core component of our ActiveEnergy solution to identify energy saving opportunities. Standardised interfaces allow a seamless third party integration into existing technical infrastructure, providing a fast implementation and low transaction costs.

 Improve the status quo.

AE PowerStation

The AE PowerStation is our hardware. It is safely installed in your building’s technical room to reduce the energy consumption by optimizing and adapting the voltage level. It can reduce voltage levels by up to 23V. The AE PowerStation intelligently improves in real time the energy supply to your building according to real-time demand.

Measure temporarily.

AE MobileHub

Our AE MobileHub has been developed and built by us to be able to evaluate the energy saving potentials of a building even before the installation and implementation of ActiveEnergy. The handy measuring kit is quickly and without any complications installed for about three weeks in total. The AE MobileHub then tracks the energy consumption of the building during this time and collects all data. Based on them a full report about potential energy savings can be compiled.