Bring your energy supply to the next level!

ActiveEnergy is improving the energy supply of your building through voltage optimization. The voltage level in your building depends on a variety of factors. Energy providers don’t regulate voltage levels on building level, they only correct the voltage level at grid level. Most often, the voltage level supplied, is not on a level that devices in your building need for the lowest possible power consumption. ActiveEnergy analyses the voltage level at the mainline in real-time and adapts it so that your building runs on the ideal voltage level. Reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and costs. Together towards a more sustainable future.

Saving Energy Costs

Voltage optimization leads to decreased energy consumption, which saves costs.

Decreasing CO2 Emissions

Lowering energy consumption positively impacts your carbon footprint.

Increasing Device Lifetime

Reducing the operating temperature of your electronics improves their lifetime.

Understand every detail of your energy consumption:

ActiveEnergy provides a sleek, cloud-based web portal that allows you to monitor your energy consumption & savings analytics in real-time. Be informed about your energy consumption in detail wherever you are, and be aware of sudden peaks in energy consumption, or other irregularities. The ActiveEnergy portal makes it possible for you to gather data for a deeper understanding of your portfolio, and allows you to find additional energy savings potential.

Data insights that provide you with tangible outcomes.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor all energy-related data from remote, and analyze your building in detail.

Predictive Maintenance

Our machine learning algorithms detect equipment failures before they occur.

Portfolio Benchmarking

Comparative analytics for energy consumption and CO2 savings across portfolios.

How much energy can we save for you?

Get in touch with us for an on-site savings assessment, during which we will record your energy consumption over a representative time period. After evaluating the measurements, we will provide you with a detailed report of your savings potential. We are saving energy as a service.

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