Berlin, 2020. EnergyLabs offers a portfolio of solutions that realizes energy and CO2 savings for buildings. With our ActiveEnergy solution, we unlock saving potentials that are currently unused resources. We aim to create the digitale future of energy and turn buildings into active protectors of the environment.


We unlock a building’s potential to contribute towards a more sustainable world and the digitalization of energy. Our scalable solution can be implemented across entire building portfolios and, by being dependent on the yearly kilowatt-hour consumption of the building, is customer specific.

We offer a comprehensive and straightforward evaluation of building portfolios to identify your energy and CO2 saving potential.  Our exceptionally high data resolution enables us to discover previously unrealized energy-saving possibilities.

Our ActiveEnergy product provides high energy savings on demand by safely regulating and lowering the voltage level. By uniquely combining innovative hardware and software, we work precisely and provide valuable insights.

EnergyLabs enables your buildings to respond autonomously to a changing environment. We also support you and your building portfolio to meet emission reduction targets and be prepared for possible regulatory changes.

Our dependable ActiveEnergy solution is only the first of many products we plan to develop to optimize the building sector. It is our first step of turning buildings into active protectors of the environment – more products to follow. 

Pictures: Unsplash