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EnergyLabs mění budovy na aktivní ochránce životního prostředí.

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Nabízíme komplexní a transparentní analýzu vašeho portfolia budov. Identifikujeme a aktivujeme váš potenciál úspor energie a CO2.

Three light bulbs hanging from the ceiling and who's life time can be doubled by voltage optimization

How does ActiveEnergy prolong the lifetime of devices?

Berlin, January 2022. EnergyLabs' solution ActiveEnergy includes the AE PowerStation, our hardware. The AE PowerStation increases the lifetime of electrical devices in usage in a building. It happens when optimizing the voltage and improving the power quality. In this...
The AE Cloud is where all data come together to make ActiveEnergy work.

ActiveEnergy Cloud

The ActiveEnergy portfolio of solutions depends on secure and stable data transmission. Thus, EnergyLabs has put a lot of thought into the ActiveEnergy (AE) Cloud and continuously optimizes it. Following, we will focus on the AE Cloud, the main benefits for our customers and the technical functionality.

light build in front of dark background

5 neue Startups: 42Stages, Yabbaduu, woob.me, EnergyLabs, Parcandi

deutsche-startups.de once again presents young startups that have recently launched, i.e. in the past weeks and months, as well as companies that have recently awoken from stealth mode.


In #brandneu ds – deutsche startups regularly presents new and young startups. Here are some startups that everyone should know. Presented are following startups: wayvs, EnergyLabs, infavher, Unco and Tasktrails.

A tree growing next to a concrete staircase

Reach your ESG goals with EnergyLabs

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are a popular way for investors to evaluate companies, projects, or real estate they consider investing in. ActiveEnergy is the first step on the decarbonization journey of buildings and supports the environmental criterion of ESG.

2 Tassen auf heller Tischplatte vor dunklem Hintergrund

Energy Savings Calculation

Based on voltage optimization and machine learning, ActiveEnergy unlocks every energy-saving opportunity in a building which reduces the overall carbon footprint. In the following, we will look at how EnergyLabs ensures that the energy savings we report are correct.

Pitch it! EnergyLabs

In the „Startup-Radar-Podcast“, the pitch podcast from ds – deutsche startups, five founders present their ideas. The founders each have 180 seconds to present their startup. This time Klinikheld, Confdnt, EnergyLabs, Truckerdata.io and banbutsu take the virtual pitch stage.
Hannah presents EnergyLabs from minute 8.

Evaluating multi-site portfolios in the critical infrastructure.

EnergyLabs travelled for some interesting installations. The installations of our MobileHubs took place within the critical communication infrastructure in Europe.

Data-Driven Digital Solutions To Optimize Energy Efficiency In Buildings

Over the last decades heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems became significantly more energy efficient. This is immensely important as they are one of the largest energy-consuming loads in commercial and residential buildings. Smooth performance of the systems requires careful installation, thorough cleaning, and regular maintenance.

Mehr Energieeffizienz für grünere Gebäude mittels Spannungsabsenkung

Energy efficiency is more than heating and insulation.

Heat and insulation are important components of our lives and homes. But buildings are capable of much more. Energy efficiency through voltage optimization is an effective action in the fight against climate change.

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Aktivujte úspory energie ve své budově.

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EnergyLabs mění budovy na aktivní ekology. S aktivní energií vaše budovy přispívají k udržitelnějšímu světu. S námi přispíváte k digitalizaci dodávek energie. Naše škálovatelná řešení jsou specifická pro zákazníka.