Creating the digital future of energy.

EnergyLabs turns buildings into Active protectors of the environment.

Our mission.



EnergyLabs enables your buildings to respond autonomously to a changing environment. But this is only the beginning of what we envision. 

Our mission is to conduct the transition of the energy sector into a future that is transparent, responsive and decentralized.


About us.


EnergyLabs offers a portfolio of energy-saving solutions to optimize and reduce the energy consumption in buildings, significantly lowering their carbon footprint. Optimizing the voltage level in buildings in real time, the company’s scalable solution saves between 5-13% of energy and CO2 emission.

Energy Labs takes over the safe and smooth implementation of all software and hardware components. Its integrated monitoring and control solution enables a holistic and high-resolution data collection plus effective analysis, providing actionable energy saving insights on demand.

The company for energy efficiency was founded in Berlin in 2020 and its headquarters is situated there. EnergyLabs is a European company with offices in Barcelona, Oslo, and Prague. 



Left behind.


Once upon a time.


In the past, energy consumption was inefficient, and it still is. Using fossil fuels, generating energy released tons of CO2-emissions and has done so for decades and centuries.

The price the environment pays is a high one: climate change led to rising temperatures and sea levels, and its effects are visible almost daily.

Additionally, the power produced was not transported and utilized efficiently. Losses of energy due to unstable power grids were great and the energy that made it to the buildings was not sufficient to meet the demand. On-site, the energy consumption was neither transparent nor understandable for the customer and the energy efficiency was very low.




Work in progress.

Lost in translation.


After centuries of not paying attention to the environment, humanity slowly transitioned to using renewable energy. At the same time, energy demand has been growing rapidly. We require increasing amounts of energy by using modern technology, raising our standards of living, and giving more people access to energy.

More and larger power plants were connected to the ever-expanding energy grid, instead of answering the questions of how, when and why we consume energy and how to manage and distribute the power efficiently.

The current system is still not actively regulated and only responds to demand. It is not possible to forecast energy needs precisely enough to be able to keep coal power plants running only on standby for unpredictable emergency cases of high demand, but not use them otherwise.

Slowly, more smart homes are introduced, but EnergyLabs is looking for a broader, more efficient and more sustainable approach to shape the digital future of energy.



Tomorrow’s possibilities.

Heading towards CO2-neutrality.


EnergyLabs envisions a future where buildings are Active protectors of the environment and respond autonomously to a changing environment.

We want to achieve an Active regulation of energy production, supply and consumption, based on high data resolution and analytics.

Knowing the exact amount of energy needed at every second opens up the possibility of only producing as much energy as needed. EnergyLabs actively regulates the consumption of power and reduces the amount of energy used.

Ideally, the energy production of the future is mainly renewable, according to demand, and always CO2-neutral. Also, a perfect power grid does not allow the unnecessary loss of energy. Higher energy efficiency is easy and doable.

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