Frequently Asked

1. What is voltage optimization?

Voltage Optimization is a solution to reduce the energy consumption in buildings by optimizing the voltage level. Our ActiveEnergy solution is combination of a hardware device (AE PowerStation) and a software application. Please find further information in our blog post on the process.

2. How does ActiveEnergy lower my costs?

The cost for electrical energy depends on the amount of energy being consumed by a customer. Voltage optimization in a building reduces the overall electricity consumption in said building. This has a direct effect on the electricity bill. The cost is lowered.

3. Can ActiveEnergy be installed in my building?

Electrical energy consumption is calculated in kilowatt-hours (kWh). If your building consumes at least 100.000 kWh in a year (that’s roughly 20.000 €) we can lower your electricity consumption and bill by 8-13%. Please contact us so we can discuss the details of your building.

4. Where do you install the hardware of ActiveEnergy (AE PowerStation)?

The AE PowerStation, our hardware is installed at the location of the main power supply unit of the building. More specifically, it is installed between the power meter and the power distribution board of the building. There it performs voltage optimization.

5. Does ActiveEnergy affect my energy supplier contract?

No, it won’t, as the AE PowerStation is installed after the power meter.

6. I am spending 30.000€ on electricty, should I consider Active Energy? Can you save energy for me?

Yes, please contact the team and fill out this form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

7. I have a supermarket. Can I save energy with the ActiveEnergy solution?

Yes, based on prior installations we estimate 9% savings. Please contact us to discuss further details, we are happy to do a potential savings report for you.

8. I am operating a shopping mall. Is your hardware big enough to be installed and work here?

Yes, we would love to hear about your building, fill out this form and our team can get back to you with further details on your case. We estimate 8-13 % savings, based on previous installations.

9. I own/run a residential building; can you save energy for me?

Your case is very interesting to us. Please contact us ( with further details on your building, we might be working on just the right solution for you.

10. Will I have the same savings as the others?

This largely depends on the actual consumption of you building, the voltage level, consumption peaks and much more. To give you a more precise answer, we usually do a 2-3 weeks measurement in a potential building.

This does not interfere with everyday business, but gives us the opportunity to calculate possible savings in detail. Please contact us if you are interested. We are looking forward to hear from you.

11. How long is the ActiveEnergy installation process? Does it take long?

ActiveEnergy can be up and running within half a day. You save energy and money from day 1.

12. How long can I use ActiveEnergy?

Our usual contract run time is 7 years. But our hardware is designed to last 20 years at least.

13. How much do I need to pay? How much does ActiveEnergy cost?

We charge zero upfront cost for the installation of ActiveEnergy. To us, it is very important that everyone gets the chance to do something good for the climate. We want to turn every building into an active protector of the environment. So, there is no investment on your side, you will be saving from day one.

14. How much CO2 can I save with ActiveEnergy?

We help you achieve up to 25 % less CO2 emissions.

15. Who else does it?

Our clients vary from hotels and restaurants, to shopping malls and supermarkets. Our ActiveEnergy solution works in food and non-food retail.

16. Why has no one told me about ActiveEnergy before?

With the recent development in artificial intelligence (AI), new technologies and solutions have been showing up and more will arise. Tackling the emissions of the building sector is a very important and necessary step in fighting climate change. The European Commission states that the building sector is responsible for 40% of all energy consumption.

17. I have further technical questions, where can I find answers?

Please contact us, we would love to explain our solution in depth. Thank you for asking. We are always excited for anyone being interested in the most technical details.

18. How fast can I get started?

How about contacting us right now?

19. Where is the AE PowerStation produced?

We manufacture in Europe.