At Energy Labs GmbH, we build solutions to achieve a more sustainable future for all of us.

Our contribution to the environment and safeguarding our planet is to provide products and solutions to reduce the energy used in buildings, adjust voltage levels, and achieve CO2 savings.

ActiveEnergy – Optimization of Energy Supply

ActiveEnergy enables our customers to save 5-13% of energy in retail buildings, schools, etc. At Energy Labs we are developing energy-saving technology, optimizing the energy supply of buildings by adjusting voltage levels. Energy providers regulate those voltage levels on the grid level, but not for every building separately. This may result in devices not running on the appropriate voltage level, causing high costs for the owner. Additionally, the lifetime of those devices running on higher voltages is dramatically shortened.

Our solution for improved sustainability: ActiveEnergy optimizes the energy supply through the reduction and stabilization of the voltage levels. We analyze the voltage level on the mainline in real time and use our equipment to adjust it so that buildings run at the ideal voltage level. Optimization of the energy supply is achieved, constant monitoring is made possible, and costs reduced. More importantly, reducing energy consumption also saves CO2 emissions.

You and Us

Energy Labs GmbH is looking forward to every potential customer who contacts us and has similar goals as we do. We are always happy to hear from like-minded people who can imagine becoming part of an international and dynamic team and working with high energy levels. And we welcome inquiries from those who want to know more about us and our solutions, ActiveEnergy.